Further Explorations 





Gurdjieff brought a vast system of psychological and cosmological ideas to the West specifically suited for the spiritual needs and possibilities of the contemporary world. The psychological ideas in particular were expressed in a very exact language which resonates with the reality of everyday life and can be verified by personal experience. These powerful teachings on human transformation are congruent with the wisdom embodied in the esoteric heart
of many spiritual traditions such as Taoism, Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta and Sufism.
Further Explorations is intended to illuminate many of Gurdjieff's essential teachings by enlarging the perspective to include the voices of other authentic spiritual teachers and teachings.






The Human Condition

Automatism and Dysfunction

Gurdjieff and "The Terror of the Situation"

Essence and Personality

The Nature of the Human Ego

Human Centers and Functions I

Human Centers and Functions II

Harmonious and Balanced Development

Words and Language

Patterns of Human Thinking

Science and Mysticism

Emotional States

Conditioning and Human Behaviour

Cultural and Social Influences


The Spiritual Path or Way

The Way or Path

A Living Organic Spiritual Teaching

Harmonization with the Teaching

Right Attitude and Alignment

Seeker After Truth

Cults and Deteriorated Spiritual Teachings

The Spiritual Teacher or Guide

'Crazy Wisdom' Spiritual Teachers

Real and False Spiritual Teachers

Spiritual Groups and Communities

Spiritual Exercises and Techniques

Types of Spiritual Exercises

Spiritual Writings

Talks and Dialogues, Questions and Answers

Learning Principles

Experiential Learning

States of  Human Consciousness

Stages of Spiritual Development

Models of Inner Development

Transmutation and Purification

Fruition of the Path


Transformation and Self-Realization

Self-Knowledge and Understanding


Observing Human Functions




Human Completion and Fulfillment

Love and Compassion

Mystical Experience and Enlightenment

Self-Inquiry: Who Am I?

Awareness and Presence

The Mystery of Being

Awakened Attention and 'I Am'


An Extended View of Man


Prehistoric Humanity

Atlantis and Egypt

Early Civilization

Legacy of Christianity

Western and Eastern Esotericism

Contemporary Spiritual Traditions



Inner and Outer Worlds

A Living Cosmos

The One and the Many

The Interconnected Universe

As Above, So Below

Human Purpose and Destiny

Types of Supernatural Phenomena

Nature of Supernatural Phenomena

Spirit and Matter



Higher Energies and Influences

Gurdjieff and Higher Cosmic Energies

Cosmology and Science

Cosmology, Spirituality and Science

A Spiritual Science

The Great Chain of Being

The Ray of Creation

The Absolute or Self

God, Science and Spirituality

Consciousness and Science

Consciousness and Spirituality

Gurdjieff and Time

Spiritual Traditions and Time

Fate, Destiny and Eternal Recurrence

Dimensions of Time

Eternity and Infinity

The Eternal Now